Levels: Master’s and Doctoral Degree

Area of Concentration: Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources

CAPES Grade / CAPES Maximum Scale Grade: 6/7


  • Master’s Program: 12 to 24 months
  • Doctoral Program: 24 to 48 months


Promote teaching and research in Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources, training professionals capable to contribute in the development of these activities at national and international scales.


The Graduate Program in Aquaculture of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina encompasses lines of research and courses in Mariculture, Freshwater Aquaculture and Fisheries, which prepares eclectic professionals with a broad vision of the sector. Thanks in large part to the researches and technologies generated and adapted by the researchers and faculty of the Aquaculture Graduate Program, the state of Santa Catarina stands out in all areas of Aquaculture, serving as a national and international model.


In October 1979, an Aquaculture Experimental Station was inaugurated at UFSC School of Agricultural Sciences, where the first studies on the reproduction and cultivation of fish in captivity were conducted.

Subsequently, research on the cultivation of marine shrimps was carried out and the transfer of this technology began.

This Aquaculture Experimental Station gave rise to the Department of Aquaculture, created in 1984.

In 1988, the Graduate Program in Aquaculture (PPG-AQI) was created, offering the Master’s Degree Program in Aquaculture. In 2005, the Doctoral Degree Program in Aquaculture was implemented.

The faculty of the Aquaculture Graduate Program is composed by 18 professors.

Until January 2017, the PPG-AQI has awarded degrees to 477 professionals, of which 406 Master’s degrees and 68 Doctoral degrees.